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Set of 3 slingshots on stand

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Originally used for hunting throws, the african slingshot has now a more artistic usage. But this doesn't deprive it of its first role. We have here some slingshots orned with some wonderful scarving displaying some baoule faces sculpted on the handle. THe artist being perfectionnist all the pieces are unique and very well finished.

Easy using recomandation : place a stone on the leather strip holding it between the thumb and the forefinger. Strech the elastic pushing forward the hand that holds the handle. (not by pulling back the hand with the projectile !). Releave the pressure of the finger on the stone. The stone reaches its target. Great shot !

Note : The support made of steel for 3 pieces is available separatly.

Artfrik'Home is not liable for any damages resulting of the use of these pieces.

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